Our Story

Founded in 2020, Projext & Co. is a group of footwear industry experts, international designers, product engineers and material specialists who aspire to create products that derive from thinking outside the box. We are strong slow fashion believers and committed to creating a timeless, eco-conscious, and wholesome service to spark curiosity in everyday lifestyle.

Projext is a combination of “Project” and “Next”.

We are continuously in search of our next project. Inside Projext’s mind, every new project that Projext brings, it has to be inspiring, enhancing, and innovating to our everyday lifestyle.

We respect timeless and classic, while we also embolden creativity and sustainability .

Our Practices


At Projext, we are devoted to making sure we are outputting our maximum effort on sustainability in every possible way. As a strong believer in slow fashion, we chase quality after quantity and value classic design over fast fashion. The design and material that we use are not only aiming for long time usage but we try to focus on selecting natural material to provide more sustainable choices.

Please see our materials in details for further information on sustainability

Our packaging is also built in sustainable consideration. It is strong to be sent by itself and is made entirely with recycled material.


We are choosing our factory partners very carefully. None of us are 100% perfect, but we are all committed to continuous improvement. We are working very closely with each other to make sure all our vendors understand what our core values are : to chase after sustainability.

1. Fair Working Hours & Wages

We ensure that our factory workers make a comfortable, living wage and adhere to a manageable work week to ensure a healthy work/ life balance.

2. Our Code of Conduct

We care deeply about choosing partners that share our sustainability mission. Our Code of Conduct reflects these core values as a brand. For details, click here.

3. Our Traceability

Tier-1 Suppliers We have 100% Traceability into our Manufacturer.

Tier-2 Suppliers We have 90% Traceability into our Raw Material Processors, Mills, Knitting, Packaging, Outsole Factory and Components in General.

Tier-3 Suppliers We have 30% Traceability into our Yarns, Polymers and Chips.


Projext is committing to craft all of its parts with natural and recycled material, but on average, each sneaker is still emitting 12.5 kg of CO2e beginning from making the shoes in production to shipping to the consumer. As a strong believer in slow fashion, ProjeXt is also a strong believer in Carbon Neutrality.

The original core mission of Projext is to combat for fast fashion as it is the 2nd largest polluting industry. We later found out that this type of over-supply model also produces another bigger problem by emitting more CO2e. Projext wants to be committed to Carbon Neutrality. The first environmental project that we are doing is to work with NPOs such as Tree Nation to plant trees and vegetation on degraded land, restoring the native habitats.

For every pair of shoes or piece of product that we sold, Projext will plant for two trees.

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