Our Materials

At Projext, we are constantly seeking, evolving, and challenging new ideas and materials to develop products.

Stone Paper

Stone paper is a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to conventional pulp-based paper. It is made from recycled calcium carbonate, a substance found in rocks, and bio-polyethylene resin. The whole manufacturing process to produce one ton of stone papers saves 7,480 gallons of water, 900kg of carbon dioxide emission and 20 full grown trees if compared to the tree-based paper at the same weight.

Unlike the conventional paper, the structure of Stone Paper is distinctively different. It is durable, completely waterproof, and tear resistant. On the other hand, Stone paper is highly sustainable. It will biodegrade after being exposed to sunlight for 6 months and will not emit any toxic gas when combusted.

1. Stone powder grinding

2. Pelletizing

3. Stretching & Coating

4. Slitting & Cutting

Other Materials

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