Our Materials

At Projext, we are constantly seeking, evolving, and challenging new ideas and materials to develop products.

Prime Fiber Leather

Scooter One Shoes look, feel, and even smell like traditional leather thanks to our Prime Fiber Leather. It’s an integration of upcycled leather and vegan leather making it a sustainable alternative to traditional leather. Prime Fiber Leather utilizes existing materials rather than killing new animals, requires very minimal processing which keeps material out of landfills. Plus, it’s lighter and stronger than traditional leather, waterproof and scratch-resistant!

Prime Fiber Leather is made up of leather waste on the floor of a tannery.

The waste material is treated to form “recycled leather fibers”

Combined with artificial polyester fabric by strong spulance treatment to form a new base.

Finally, a layer of environmentally friendly “solven-free” resin is coated on the surface of the base material, just like the traditional leather coating process.

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Other Materials

Given by nature, renewed by nature

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Organic Cotton

Natural & Recycled Rubber

Recycled Paper