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At Projext, we are constantly seeking, evolving, and challenging new ideas and materials to develop products.

Soufflé Fit Technology

Stay cool, comfortable and feeling fresh with our patented Soufflé Fit Technology™.

There was no fabric for the lining material that we could find on the current market that was up to our standard of comfort level, so we developed our own special Soufflé Fit Technology™ to produce a fabric that is extremely soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

The lining and sock material are made of a unique blend of Merino Wool and an all-natural, renewable fiber mixed with Tencel fabric from sustainably harvested forestry. This fabric is also antimicrobial and odor-eliminating so socks are always optional.

Prime Fiber Leather is made up of leather waste on the floor of a tannery.

The waste material is treated to form “recycled leather fibers”

Combined with artificial polyester fabric by strong spulance treatment to form a new base.

Tencel is an incredible material made from 100% wood pulp.

The fabric has tremendous absorption characteristics (50% more absorbent than cotton), yet it also dries up quickly.

Since Tencel fibers transport moisture directly to the fiber core and keep the surface dry through nanofibrils, bacteria grows 2,000 times less on Tencel fibers than on synthetic fibers, keeping odor under control.

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Other Materials

Given by nature, renewed by nature

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Organic Cotton

Natural & Recycled Rubber

Recycled Paper