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At Projext, we are constantly seeking, evolving, and challenging new ideas and materials to develop products.

Washi Paper Fiber

An important natural material that Projext has encountered is the astonishing WASHI yarn & cloth.

It is said that the paper making technique was brought into Japan with the movement of Buddhism missionary in the 7th century and Japanese people invented their own paper called  “WASHI”, the Japanese Paper (literally WA means Japan and SHI means Paper), is still being used in the living of the current Japan.

Washi has been Japanese culture to protect their life through SHOJI or FUSUMA (sliding door for dividing the room) under four seasons although they are quite thin in comparison with Western Wall.

Washi’s natural function is miraculous.

Taking the advantages of its nature antibacterial and deodorant effect, the cozy soft and extremely light which can provide an excellent dry and comfortable condition when wearing it all day long through Projext’s footwear and apparel.

Thanks to the mother nature!

Our fabric is made of 50% washi fiber and 50% polyester. The raw material of Washi is from the waste of Softwood pulp of Canada which is managed to obtain sustainably. The Yarn making is also naturally and sustainable where no harmful chemical is ever used.

Washi, the raw material

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